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Fresh off the multiple triumphs of their first year, The Biennial Project is ready to aim for even higher ground - by inaugurating The Biennial Project – the Blog. Share our journey in the months to come as we scale to dizzying new heights of art world success, and participate in what critic Clea Saharoli has called “an exhilaratingly gonzo field trip into the internal landscape of the artistic consciousness”(Season One exhibition catalogue). To follow what critics are calling “the infectious high-jinks of this band of merry pranksters”, just become a member of The Biennial Project Official Fan Club.

As one of the first 100 charter members of our fan club you will be eligible to receive a glossy full-color 8x10 version of the Official 2008 Biennial Project Group Portrait seen above – autographed by all four members of the Biennial Project! Just click on the Fan Club icon at the upper right of this page and enter your email address on The Biennial Project Official Fan Club Sign-Up Page. We will rush you this (soon to be) valuable work of art at no charge whatsoever! And as a valued member of The Biennial Project Official Fan Club, we will of course send you all the news as it develops. Do it now!


A sampling of press accolades from Season One (visit the website for more):

“[The Biennial Project] skewers pop culture and the art-world elite with their satirical exhibition.”

Boston Herald, November 19, 2008

“Our favorite part about this art show is how it's sense of humor serves as cultural commentary.”

Boston Metro, November 7, 2008

“Conscious of artistic tradition, but also irreverent and full of attitude, The Biennial Project shows that sometimes it's best to dismantle the establishment from within.”

Weekly Dig, November 5, 2008


And for those who have yet to fully grasp just exactly what it is that we are – check out our explanatory video “Twelve Questions about The Biennial Project”.