Inaugural Boston Online Biennial a Smashing Success!


 tanya and nancyprettyskating


  It was a BATTLE…a throw-down of EPIC proportions…a cat fight not seen since the likes of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan…and believe you me we ALL had our favorite horse in the race!!





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But, of course THE BIENNIAL PROJECT was able to rise above the individual egos of its collective founding members (much like the white smoke rises upon selection of a new Pope)….and then VOILA!!!


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…..there was agreement, finally, a consensus if you will, and THE BIENNIAL PROJECT is pleased as punch to announce the First Place Winner of the Inaugural Boston Online Biennial 2011….. and that winner is (drumroll now!!!)…






Hans Van Meeuwen of Brooklyn, NY and the Netherlands.

Congratulations Hans!!!

This is just one of the engaging images that our First Place Winner submitted. You can see more of Hans’ work  featured on our website with a gallery of his work and it will ALSO be showcased in an upcoming blog post!!






Boston Online Biennial 2011 First Place Winner's Gallery



     162_KateMackay3_Large Cube-1



Congratulations go out also to our Second Place Winner who hails from Australia—Kate MacKay!






…..and our third place winner Amy Bassin, a Long Island City-based  international video artist who is collaborating with Jana Hunterova of the Czech Republic and Frie J. Jacobs from Belgium!!!



But you know…truth be told…with 100’s of entries from 13 states and 16 countries from around the world....there are many more people to congratulate and they would be our prize winners and honorable mentions listed below. Congratulations to you one and all!


Robin Antar

Amy Bassin

Veronica Casellas

Francois de Costerd

Verónica Cuervo

Tom Estes

Beth Gilbert

Bella Gold

Brian Haberman

Jonathan Jackson

Sasa Jantolek

Marjorie Kaye

Alla Lazebnik

Charlene Liska

Paulo da Mata

Jane O’Hara

Kyle O’Brien

Teri Levine

Dan Loberg

Kate MacKay

Nasim Nasr

Bo Petran

Scott Roller

Claudio Scardino

Ema Sintamarian

George Shaw

Ashley Shellhause

Elizabeth Snipes

Hans Van Meeuwen

Thelma Van Rensburg

Adrian Wong

Terrance Wong


To see all the art juried into the Inaugural Boston Online Biennial 2011 Please check out the -

Boston Biennial Winners Gallery!




You would think that with the opening of the 54th Venice Biennale just days away that The Biennial Project would have their hands full with last minute preparations—hair and wardrobe considerations, appointments with various stylists, finalizing the list of the best parties to attend (can you IMAGINE!!!???)……but of course TBP had to make time to be neighborly.  Specifically, we had to jet up north to attend the 2011 Maine Biennial and let’s just say that with our crazy busy schedules seeing this show was definitely worth the trip!!!


 lauranna1 According to interviews with a number of VIP’s,the Maine Biennial in recent years has committed itself to expanding its reach.  Specifically, one VIP who requested to remain anonymous stated that the Maine Biennial has dedicated itself “to attracting more and more top notch contemporary artists.”  The  very same not-to-be-named VIP discreetly suggested to The Biennial Project that they should be included in the 2013 Maine Biennial as TBP summers in the greater Kennebunkport region (did we mention hanging w/ the Presidents Bush???)…

And now for some of our faves!!!!

As many of you already know, The Biennial Project is known for playing well in the sandbox with others and our adventure to the Maine Biennial was an excellent opportunity for collaborating with one of our BFFs—the noted Czech artist Bohuslav Petran shown here in action!





Bo’s very favorite piece in the 2011 Maine Biennial was a marvelous installation consisting of clay pieces and ink by Alisha Gould.  The photo here does not do justice to the piece!



Eric, currently on assignment in Dubai, of course had his favorite too—not surprisingly, the main focus of the piece by Kim Bernard was a collection of large dangling balls—the TOTAL art “package”…






Anna was torn between two lov-ahs…we mean two pieces…and the winner was this cool installation by Lauren O’Neal.




Last but not least was Laura’s favorite—an amazing installation made of hay and twine (that spanned three stories!) titled “Cascade, Current and Pool (for the vanquished pools of the Presumpscot River) by Michael Shaughnessy who also was the recipient of the prestigious Juror’s PrizeCAN WE PICK ‘EM OR WHAT???!!!

Ever the magnet for celebrities, The Biennial Project spent part of the afternoon hob-nobbing with the son of Michael Shaughnessy—the handsome and charming Ciaran Shaughnessy who provided fascinating and poignant insiders insight into the process and work of his wonderfully talented father.  Ciaran and his lovely companion Katie Eastman are pictured below with Michael’s AWESOME piece…