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We wanted to share a little sample of some of the FABULOUS art continues to be submitted for this year's Biennial Project Biennial to be presented on our website and via video projection at the Venice Biennial 2022 Opening week!


Feast your eyes on a selection of this beautiful work:


Lorraine Motel, No Justice No Peace, and Seat at the Table, by Al Harden


Eternal frost and Scents for Forgotten Countries, by Anna Novakov


Arctic Pending: Surrender and Arctic Pending: Arctic Thaw, by Eileen Wold


Gaia Rise, The Perseids, Melancholia and Rape of Medusa, by Artemis Herber


Adinkrahene and Cymbal and Machine Noire, by Marcus Brown


John the Baptist, copresence and A Glorified Approach to Violence, by Matthew Keller


Ofrenda - a walking project and For The Forest, by Maria Villanueva


Memories of Family and Stories Told and Stories from the Photo Album, by Wendell Brown

The Biennial Project 2022 Biennial Entrant Sampler by Anna Salmeron

Here it is only January, and yet so much FABULOUS art has been submitted for this year's Biennial Project Biennial to be presented on our website and via video projection at the Venice Biennial 2022 Opening week!

Feast your eyes on a selection of this beautiful work:


Outlier, Jeannie Motherwell


Fragments of Knowable Truth, Dee Hood


Preserving pain, Vortex artists Christiaan Diedericks and Shui-Lyn White


Lavender and Yellow I, Kelly Slater


Entry Deadline extended for the Biennial Project Biennial–with High Profile Special Jurors Announced by Anna Salmeron

Your humble servants here at Biennial Project Laboratories are hard at work on making The Biennial Project Biennial at The 2019 Venice Biennale a great big extravaganza of fantastic art from far and wide. Boy are we lucky to be able to be able to get to know so many amazing artists though this contest. We cherish being able to see and share, with you, the fascinating work that these artists create. It definitely beats obsessing 24/7 about The End Of The World As We Know It. But we digress. We have some great news. Some Kick Ass Art People have agreed to be Special Guest Jurors for our show! Each of them will pick their favorite piece from the show to receive recognition with a Special Juror’s Prize. Without further ado, The Special Guest Jurors for The Biennial Project Biennial at The 2019 Venice Biennale are:

Founder and Publisher of  New England’s highly respected and read-by-everyone ArtScope Magazine - Kaveh Mojtabai.




Carrying on a family tradition of artistic excellence and innovation - the incredible artist Jeannie Motherwell.




And a trio of trailblazing contemporary Cuban artists, activists and organizers of the recent 00Biennial de la Habana - Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, Yanelys Nuñez Leyva, and Nonardo Perea.





Each of these Kick Ass Art People has stupendously good taste – so we can’t wait to see which five artists they single out for special recognition.

Because these five are now on board, we have decided to extend the deadline to enter The Biennial Project Biennial at The 2019 Venice Biennale until March 15th. What are you waiting for?




BPB 2019 05 02 final

so that we shall not die of reality…by Anna Salmeron

“We have art so that we shall not die of reality.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Some really great art is being submitted to The Biennial Project Biennial at the 2019 Venice Biennale. It is a joy to see and a joy to be able to share it with you. Here are six artists to brighten your day…..


Lifeboat, by Caleb Nichols, Stoughton, Massachusetts


American Inquisition, by Al Harden, Cincinnati, Ohio


The Juggernaut of Nought, by Richard Trupp, London, Great Britain


Women Dancing, by Faith Gabel, Brooklyn, New York


Reality as Memory, by Ruth Rosner, Watertown, Massachusetts


Looking for Level Ground, by Dee Hood, Ruskin, Florida


BPB 2019 05 02 final

Include The Biennial Project in the 2021 Venice Biennale by Anna Salmeron

We the undersigned entreat the Justly Venerated Authority of the Venice Biennale to acknowledge that a Grave Miscarriage of Justice has resulted from the failure of said body to include The Biennial Project in any of it's previous biennial exhibits.

This despite the demonstrable fact that the work of The Biennial Project and it's legally incorporated subsidiaries do so clearly merit inclusion in such exhibits.

We do hereby propose as remedy to this calamitous state of affairs that the Venice Biennale issue a formal invitation post haste to The Biennial Project to participate in an official and recognized capacity in the 59th Venice Biennale to be held in the city of Venice in the year 2021.


Include The Biennial Project in the 2021 Venice Biennale

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you want to travel with us....... by Anna Salmeron

and you know that we're half crazy, but that's why you want to be there.

As you may have heard, there is this large-ish art exhibition held in Venice once every two years known as the Venice Biennale.

And as you may or may not have heard, The Biennial Project hosts a big wonderful artist brigade that attends each Venice Biennale during the head-spinning week of press previews that lead up to the opening.

It is SO MUCH DAMN FUN - a chance to hang out with artist friends and get to know new ones in the mesmerizing backdrop of Venice while exploring a mind-bending amount of fascinating contemporary art.

And while here is never a shortage of receptions and parties to be had during this wild and crazy week,  just to be sure, The Biennial Project hosts a fantastic reception/gala of our own during the trip to display all the fabulous art work we have accepted into our very own “biennale within a biennale”.

We will of course give you more details on how to enter your work in our biennale in the months to come, but we wanted to get word about the trip out now for those intrepid souls who might be interested in going with us and experiencing this one of a kind experience for themselves.

Now, perhaps this idea intrigues you but you are thinking “oh come on now you crazy Biennial Project kids, it’s way too early to make plans for a trip so far in advance”. Well, one would think so, except that the Press preview week of the Venice Biennele is SOOO absurdly popular, and attended by so many collectors, gallerists, critics and various VIP-types, that to have any chance of booking a super nice flat close to the proceedings at a reasonable cost, one has to commit, well, yesterday.

Our group currently fills TEN absolutely perfect flats super near each other in a great area - over 40 artists so far! We have tentative holds on a few other lovely flats, and are looking to fill them up with old friends and new ones who want to come along for this glorious ride.

If you think you might like to go, let us know and we can help guide you thru the process. We will admit to being just a teensy weensy bit obsessed with this – we are the Biennial Project after all – and we have accumulated a fair amount of knowledge on the subject which we are more than happy to share with you. Come on now, live while you can.


The Biennial Project blog and website

Boston Biennial 5 Accepted Video Work by Anna Salmeron

Bill Psarras, Messenger

'Messenger' constitutes a peripatetic poem, which combines site-specific elements of a walking performance for camera, the accompanying object of light bulb, personal poetry and soundscape. It explores the idea of returning to the intimate – in an imaginary and geographical matrix – as a solitary ambulatory process of transmitting the message with future potential.

China Blue Wong, Imagining Blue

“Imagining Blue” is an interactive brainwave sculpture that uses the participants’ minds to dynamically control the light, the motion and the sounds of the sculpture. This work gives the audience a previously unexplored view of the workings of their own minds. It enables users to observe their own current brain in action. The music is based on the sounds of neurons firing and breathing.

Francois-Xavier de Costerd, Maybe We'll Have Another Chance

As Trump explains how he does not believe in global warming and climate change, a simple green alpine valley turns into a theater for all threats to its pristine setting. A storm of digital flakes made of satellite views of Las Vegas, Boston, New York, London and Paris engulfs the valley. As the president declares that we should have kept the oil from Iraq, a satellite view of Baghdad hangs over the valley, quickly swallowed up by a view from Irving TX, home of the Exxon Corp. The abyss the world faces is reflected in the shell of our planet splintering into oblivion. The title double meaning echoes Trump’s wish to go back to Iraq and get the oil, but also our slim chance of fixing this crisis

Francois-Xavier de Costerd, The Death of Painting in the Age of Digital Over Production

This piece is an ode to painting inspired by Gerhard Richter's painting patterns. As a tongue in cheek Andy Warhol is interviewed by the BBC about his art practice, the production of his print screens, and how important it is to produce a lot of paintings, a digital maelstrom of paint colors ensues with infinite reproductions. Andy’s wish of painting like a machine is made real. The painting studio becomes the time studio, as Andy considers his age and mortality, his voice like a memory fading into a heavenly ether.

Kei Ito, Thirst

This work is based on the story my grandfather told me. If the death was the first thing the A-bomb gave to the people in Hiroshima, burnt flesh and unbearable thirst was the next. Many survivors jumped into a river to ease their deadly thirst though many of them were drown. By the next morning, the river was filled with bodies staring at the sky and the sun.

Tran Trong Vu, Correspondences of a solitary man

Installation of a text the artist has written for 21 days as a diary. Printed on A4 paper, and installed under fluorescent light.

Barbara Felix, Ribbon Dancer

A short experimental stop motion animation shot with green screen on a small green screen stage built for upcoming claymation animation work. I used transparent wide glittery ribbon that gave unanticipated but interesting results. It has original music created with Garage Band on my iPhone. It was edited with Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro and Audition.

Farzin Foroutan, Topography of soil emerge

To me, soil is the first abstraction of an archive; something more than what you walk and lie on. Soil is the memory of centuries; the archive of the memory of humankind; and when my body unites with it, I can experience those memories.

Farzin Foroutan, Anonymous Doors

Belonging to nowhere. Somewhere between the outside and inside.Among mute reality and blind imagination. Here could be an exact place not belonging to us but hence is closer than anywhere. Unknown and exotic places seem more familiar from faraway and between the doors.

Crystal Heiden, iceland on icleand

in this video I combine multiple fragments pulled from a single take while driving down a single road passing a single mountain to examine the landscape at all angles of that singular place

Dimitrije Martinovic, The Contorted Regard

At the heart of THE CONTORTED REGARD is the notion that the “rant” may be used as a method of explicating the prevalence of existential threats. Which is to say that the rant is in essence a form of purging of that, which is unwanted, that which we are haunted by - the rant is arrogance and mediocrity combined with pride, shame, and fear.

Elizabeth Michelman, CHANGE

A proselytizing church door beckons; a laundromat buzzes and thumps; snowbanks light up as cars blink past in the cacophony of an ordinary New England town on a winter’s night. Our pilgrim traverses the workaday world ---profane, tedious, grating, yet marked with moments of transcendence. Written language posted at the scene escorts us through and returns us to our own lives----changed?


artist as model riffing on 1. prehistory art when humans used their skin as canvas; 2. the work of Yves Klein, early pioneer of performance art 3. fingerprinting in the police station 4. sports fans painting their faces, etc, to show support of teams

Laura Torres, LOS HIJOS DE PAPÁ INOCENCIO (The Children of Papa Inocencio)

A family fights and schemes over who will be buried in a mausoleum built by their grandfather, after they discover that the mausoleum has historical significance.

from the U.S. to Quebec to Greece to Korea to Australia…… by Anna Salmeron

More exceptional work

being submitted to the

Boston Biennial 5

Extraordinary art from

artists around the world:


          Coral Woodbury, Massachusetts


          Joan Ryan, Massachusetts


          Ruth Rosner, Massachusetts


          Crystal Heiden, Connecticut       

             WATCH VIDEO HERE


          Christine Comeau, Quebec, Canada


          Bill Psarras, Greece



          Myung Hwan LEE, South Korea


          Karen Burgess, Australia

Enter the Boston Biennial 5


from MA to NY to NE to CA to IRAN by Anna Salmeron

SO MUCH COOL WORK being submitted to the

Boston Biennial 5

Wonderful work from artists NEAR -



Chrysalis by Jeannie Motherwell, see more HERE


Honey Doo!  by Matthew McKee, see more HERE 


Neighborly Lifestyles of the Richer and Thinner [ENVY] by Walter Kopec, see more HERE




Evening Walk by Katharine Dufault, see more HERE



Intrigue by Michelle Woitzel, see more HERE



The Dark Side by Jesse Wiedel, see more HERE

and across the ocean FAR (IRAN)


I'm not here, Even not there by Farzin Foroutan, see more HERE