The Biennial Project Saves the World


Given the recent presence of The Biennial Project just about everywhere you turn in the Art World, one might be tempted to think that it really is ALL about us. 



But in addition to showcasing our own ground-breaking work to the world, we have been busy working for the betterment of mankind. 


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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the lot of the non-famous many, we recently took our campaign against swine flu and other evil-doing microbes to the masses in San Marcos Square (Venice, Italy). 






Now, you may have wondered if there were activities that were prohibited in San Marcos Square, and we can tell you at this point with certainty that there are at least two.


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The first such activity is handing out promotional materials, even those clearly dedicated to the improvement of the human condition. 


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The second activity that is “forbidden! forbidden!” (to quote Venice’s finest)  in San Marcos Square is feeding the birds.





This is the case even when such bird feeding efforts arise from the sincerest desire to improve the lot of Our Friend the Pigeon,




and not any crash attempt at publicity or sympathy from the animal lovers of the world. 




But no, the pigeons will not be fed. On this point the Police were clear.


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So, rather than risking further discoveries on other activities prohibited in San Marcos Square, off we went to spread our message of good will and hygiene to the denizens of some of Venice’s less highly regulated public squares.






As always, out efforts were well received, especially by Venice’s cognoscenti and glitterati, who know a good world-betterment campaign when they see one.


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Afterward, we rested.




For more of our exploits in and around San Marcos Square, check us out on YouTube: