New Biennial Project Feature - Global Biennialism Digest

Well, we've been thinking....Now don't get all worried, you'll like this. The Biennial Project is, as you may have noticed, mostly about us. We must make it to the top of the World Art Heap, AND make no mistake about it, we will!  But you, our devoted followers, also desire success.  And we understand that people with the good taste to follow us deserve world-wide recognition as well.  SO... we are inaugurating a new regular blog feature dedicated to helping you too become masters of your art-world fate.  Each month we will search far and wide for the most up-to-the minute info about the coolest biennial exhibits out there.  We will provide links related to submission opportunities, exhibition dates, and interesting biennial reviews, as well as fun sites that delve into the biennialism phenomenon.  Our first entry in that category is a nifty site that we wish we had produced - but it was actually done by the Asian Art Archive - called   All You Wanted To Know About International Art Biennials.   Check out their Did You Know page for great info and trivia on the development of biennialism worldwide.

Feel free to pass this info along to your friends - and encourage them to join The Biennial Project Fan Club/Mailing List on our website - or subscribe to our blog to continue to receive regular updates about the biennial world.  

There, now don't say we never did anything for you!


The Biennial Project


Upcoming Biennial Openings

Bucharest Biennial

This biennial is curated by perhaps the youngest biennial curator yet: he was born in 1987 (after the fall of the Berlin Wall and also after intern Lorraine was born - truly frightening!). Their website lists their favorite restaurants and hotels, so have a good time in Romania!


Dak'Art Biennial
If you're able to go to Senegal, definitely pop by Dak'Art, the Dakar Biennial. There isn't much information on the website, but perhaps sending an email to the organizers would help in locating where to stay.

Cool Biennial Reviews & Interviews

Series of videos by jameskalm about the 2010 Whitney Biennial - apparently he was removed from the press list for the 2008 Biennial and got busted by security, which gives him an interesting perspective.

Cool Biennialism Links

This is a poem about the meaning of "Biennialism/Biennialist" from a very interesting web site that discusses an art project called "Emergency Room". I recommend checking out the rest of the web site, but this is what got us there:

New Blog Feature – Fan Of The Month

The Biennial Project has the coolest fans in the world! As globe-trotting International Art Rock Stars, we travel the planet meeting the Glitterati. Starting today we will share our best fan photo every month. We thought long and hard (ahem!) about who should be the first Fan Of The Month – and decided to lead with nudity. Rick Dorff – amazing artist, deep thinker, and Biennial Project Fan – here’s to you!