Biennial Project hosts first ever Boston Biennial

IMG_0220_1 BB Menino

East Boston, August, 2009—From August 6 to August 22, 2009, Atlantic Works Gallery in conjunction with The Biennial Project and The Weekly Dig presents The Boston Biennial 2009, a snapshot of contemporary art works currently being created by artists in and around the greater Boston area.

Venice and Sao Paolo have one. New York, New Orleans and New Hampshire also have one. Even Worcester Massachusetts has one-- so shouldn’t Boston have one?? “What,” countless thousands may ask is “it?”….The “it” in this instance just so happens to be a biennial art exhibition and, this August, Boston finally has its own inaugural juried exhibition of contemporary art – thus helping to elevate the status of the city in the eyes of the contemporary art world!

The theme of The Boston Biennial is…biennials…and all the aspiration and greed, sublime insight and cheap self-aggrandizement, profundity and narcissism that biennials have come to represent. If artists have ever looked with envy at the burgeoning biennial activity around them, attended a venerable Biennale and said to themselves, “I can do better than that,” this bi’s for you!