Bizzare Artist Happening


at Atlantic Works Gallery




Eric Hess, Anna Salmeron, Mitchel Ahern, Dell Hamilton, SamanthaMarder, Michael St. Germain, Erica Femino, Marlene Sarroff,Tom Estes, Martha McCollough, Kelly Jo Shows, Sonia Domkorova, Matt Keller, Bo Petran, Branden Harrington and Paul Weiner

As featured by Ben Lewis in his TateShots video of the 2011
Venice Biennale, (
video/tateshots-venice-biennale-2011), The Biennial
mobilizes a posse of shit-kicking international artists for
Bizarre Artist Happenings. Expect a rousing good time with
The Biennial Project’s cast of loonies, ne’er-do-wells, circus freaks,
sex-workers, debutantes, opium-smoking rich eccentrics, aging hippies, pill popping
Moms, gender rebels, lumberjacks, the gays, cold-hearted euro trash, dreadlocked trustifarians, horny Boy Scouts, gamers and burners, addicts and of course "’Americas' Next Top Models’.
This far-ranging show includespainting, photography, video, multi-media,
installation and of course the performative antics
the world has come to
expect from The Biennial Project, such as:
- The US Introduction of The Biennial Project's signature perfume, Star of
, designed by artist Samantha Marder.
-An elegant portrait of The Biennial Project’s shoes by Maine painter Kelly
Jo Shows
- "Death in Venice," a moving photo essay on the water burial of The
Biennial Project’s effigies
in the Venetian canals staged as part of the
2011 Venice Biennale and produced by noted Australian artist Marlene
- Participatory Artistic Focus Groups, organized by The Biennial Project
Head of Marketing and Research, Michael St.Germain.
Exhibition Dates: July 19­ until August 18, 2012
Location:Atlantic Works Gallery, 80 Border Street, 3rd floor, East Boston,
Opening Reception: Thursday July 19th 7­-10pm
Closing Reception: Thursday August 16th 7­-10pm
is East Boston¹s Collaborative Space for Art and
Established in 2003, it is a member-operated gallery located on the top
floor of 80 Border Street on the waterfront. It is T-accessible (Maverick
stop on the Blue Line) and there is usually ample parking. For detailed
directions, information about members, future shows, etc., please see
Press contact: For more information or to schedule a private press viewing,
please call Anna Salmeron at 617-913-1832 or email at




The Biennial Project Does The 2012 Whitney Biennial


Its been 2 months since the opening of The 2012 Whitney Biennial and
only now has The Biennial Project found the time and energy to share with you.whitney2012-473whitney2012-9461-2whitney2012-480
As usual, there were so many old friends to say hi to and many new Biennial
Project admirers
to pay our respects to. In this weeks blog we’d like to
share with you some our experiences of some of the more dynamic people we
partied with at the opening reception of the 2012 Whitney Biennial.

First off, we want to give a shout out to our main supporter in the press,
Jerry Saltz. Being such a busy evening it was stroke of good fortune that we
bumped into the senior art critic and a columnist for New York Magazine
while leaving the event. It would not seem like a complete biennial without
catching up with our old friend Jerry, who was the sole advisor for the 1995
Whitney Biennial.
In spite of the cold drizzle of late winter NYC we spent
some quality time conferring with Jerry, who is also our favorite judge on
Bravo TV’s ‘Work of Art’
. We learned that he has been praising The Biennial
for being maniacs and then he asked us for our highly regarded
refrigerator magnet. Jerry, who is the senior art critic for the New York
, sees our magnets in all of the most important kitchens in Manhattan
while attending high profile salons. We gave him two and apologized for the

Earlier in the evening we were able to catch up with cutie-putie filmmaker
and Rupaul Drag Race uber-fan Michael Robinson. Mike was there to present
his film ‘These Hammers Don¹t Hurt Us’, footage of Elizabeth Taylor’s 1963
Hollywood epic Cleopatra is seamlessly combined with images of Michael
mid-1990s Egyptmania, culminating in a mesmerizing phantasmagoria
of hypnotic color strobe.’
Mikey also showed  ‘Line Describing Your Mom’ its
title a cheeky nod to Anthony McCall’s canonical ‘solid-light’ film Line
Describing a Cone (1974)-sets altered footage of amateur liturgical
choreography to the sounds of a woman’s You Tube confessional.
Biennial Project member Eric Hess secretly has a major crush on Michael!
Eric follows him around because he is a handsome, young artist who might be
very well hung. Michael smells fantastic. Eric also watches over Michael because he shares the same twisted perception of pop culture. Eric also believes in predetermined
. He knows he and Mikey and he will be bonded in this lifetime and
the next. If not eternal afterlife together hopefully they will at least hook up some weekend. Michael, if you are reading this, and we know you are, Eric would love to spend a weekend, or eternal lifetime in bed with you ‘snuggling’ and watching marathons of ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’. He apologizes for that incident in Toronto last autumn and feels that theBelgium restraining order won’t matter outside of the EU. It could be fresh
new start to a beautiful, creative, adventurous existence together!!!!!!Michael, If you
make this happen Eric promises to take his meds more regularly.whitney2012-027Michael Robinson 4 whitney2012-029
Speaking of spending a weekend in bed, Biennial Project member Anna Salmeron
was quoted as saying that she would love to ‘swim in the lady pond’ with
Nicole Eisenman after first seeing her inspiring painting then gabbing with
her for a bit on the 4th floor dance floor. The Biennial Project, often gets
misquoted. It is the price of fame. Anna never-ever said this. She is very
happy with her current partner, painter Bo Petran!! Anna did in fact say,
that after meeting Nicole and sharing some light hearted, witty banter,
’that if her life had to be different she could see herself living as a
lesbian in Brooklyn and that she would love to take a dip in the
infinity pool
with Ms. Eisenman’
. Everybody knows Anna does not like the
slimy, muddy, creature lined floor of natural outdoor swimming. The Biennial
very much enjoyed spending time with Nicole and her friends and
thought her paintings were one of the highlights of the entire 2012 Whitney
Anna also promises to take her meds everyday as well.

Another life we’d like to adopt is the life of Liz Deschenes. Liz is a
photographer who teaches at Bennington College in VT. Anna and Eric both
came forth in the art world originally as photographers and Bennington
is one of the coolest little schools we know of. The Biennial
loves, loves, loves The Green Mountains of Vermont. One of the
highlights of last summer, after our appearance at The 54th Venice Biennale,
was a lovely swim in a pond, during sunset, in Bennington VT. This was not
necessarily a ‘lady pond’ and Anna minded the dogs while Eric took the
actual swim but it was still a memorable afternoon. We loved Liz’s
photograms at The Whitney Biennial so much that Anna said that if things
ever went south with Bo or Nicole she would definitely like to assist Liz in
’the Darkroom’ being that Bennington probably has no infinity pool.

Well, there were so many other people to gossip about that you had better
keep your eyes open for future blog posting on our favorite subject -us at
We’ll tell you the story of how Dawn Casper wouldn’t sign her
trading card because we listed that she lived at one time at 545 Terrill
Avenue in Los Angeles, CA 90042. She doesn’t even live there anymore and
even if we wanted to stalk her we know where to find her -at The Whitney
until the end of May. No ‘lady pond dipping’ with Dawn, not with us anyhow.
We want to tell you about the time we spent with New Hampshire born
international art rock star Tom Este whose work was seen all over The
. We can¹t wait to tell you how we did not take Lutz Bacher photo
because she does not want her photo taken. We would have respected her space
even if Peter, from Alex Zachary Peter Curri Gallery didn’t try to prove his
relevance as her gallerina by steppin’ in. We want to show you LaToya Ruby
beautiful gown proving that she looks just as good in her cloths as
she does without. Another lady pond candidate for Anna? We can’t wait to
gossip with you about Nick Mausse and is boyfriend and how great Wu Tsang’s
hair looked that night. We also plan on sharing how we took time out from
the festivities and our limited time with our associates to Skype with Red
who were in Cali and could not attend the events.

whitney2012-533whitney2012-538Nick Mauss1whitney2012-161whitney2012-160LaToya Ruby Frazier2