ArtVenice Biennale 2013 Early Entry Sampler


Hey artists of the world, if you haven’t entered the 2013 ArtVenice Biennale yet – shame on you!

What are you waiting for?

Unlike most of the exhibition opportunities out there, this one is actually organized by ARTISTS – i.e. people who totally comprehend that you put your goddamned heart and soul into your work – and we will work our tails off to promote it as widely as possible.

In that spirit, here is a small sampling of some of the excellent work submitted so far……

(And if you haven’t submitted, get your act together- the deadline is May 1st!)

FestaR2_in style

Rob Festa, in style, dye infused aluminum print, MASSACHUSETTS


Elena Buftea, neutrino -particula fantasma, acrylic +collage on canvas, ROMANIA



Charlie Lemay, American Political Pageant, Digital Photo Collage, NEW HAMPSHIRE



Clint Imboden, grenade #1 red, cast polyester resin, CALIFORNIA



Camila Santin, immeasurable, photograph, CHILE



Vanessa Thompson, where r you, photograph, MASSACHUSETTS



Paul Valadez, lessons in scorn, pencil and ink on paper – TEXAS


Bullock1_Evil Men Are Sexy

Peter Bullock Evil Men Are Sexy, collage (antique postage stamps) and acrylic – ILLINOIS



Erick Montgomery, Orbot107_ShimmeringPlateau, digital film still, RHODE ISLAND




Star of Venice to Rise over the 2013 Venice Biennale


Stylish and au courant, with just a soupcon of irreverence, that’s Star of Venice, the intoxicating new fragrance of The Biennial Project.


A talented Design Team of Leading Olfactory Experts led by the Renowned Perfumier Samantha Marder traveled the globe in search of the perfect ingredients for this unparalleled fragrance. 


No expense or endangered species was spared in their effort to bring forward the planet’s most dazzling aroma  - the first fragrance designed specifically for the visual artist.


This feat of Pure Art Alchemy will make the wearer instantly irresistible to everyone of significance in the art world.


From curators and critics….


to collectors and patrons,


this seductive aroma will open the doors to success and fame that most artists can only dream of.


No more toiling in poverty and anonymity, or experiencing your family’s palpable disappointment in your life,


Star of Venice is your ticket to the big time.


Star of Venice – for those who are ready to take the next step.

Star of Venice Caviar & Champagne

European Launch Party

by invitation only

June 2nd 2013

Palazzo degli Angeli,

Venice, Italy

In conjunction with

the Opening Week

of the 2013 Venice Biennale

(A limited number of advance orders for Star of Venice

will be taken during this Launch Event.)