Play The Biennial Project Game

We told you we’d get around to making you famous too, didn’t we?  Well, that day has come! At the most recent of our many Glamorous High-Level Art Receptions, we unveiled the hot new Biennial Project Game, in which contestants vie for valuable prizes by completing the provocative and conceptually complex sentence What I #?!@ About The Biennial Project!BP017_RJ




And although the many Important Art World Movers and Shakers amongst our guests had trouble at first pulling themselves away from our Absorbing And Well-Crafted Wall Art,


     once they got going they loved it!BP030_RJ







Check out the excerpts from this Fun-Filled Evening below, and be on the lookout for The Biennial Project Game to appear again where ever the Coolest People can be found!


Excellent Art Photos Courtesy our Outstanding Webmaster Paul K. Weiner