Fan Of The Month – August



As usual the competition was fierce - but in the end we knew who it had to be. One contestant had clearly risen above the rest to take her place in the annals of Biennial Project History.







With a selfless dedication to The Work of the Project, she has added her indelible signature to Our Oeuvre.  Our tireless intern, Emilie Kershaw, truly merits the distinction of being The Biennial Project’s Fan of the Month for August 2010. You too can share the palpable excitement of the Award Ceremony below:







emliegettingprize emliegettingprize2


What more can we tell you about our beloved Emilie? Really words don’t do her justice, but here are a few anyway, pulled from her online dating profile:


I'm working at a theater company as the Director of Development. I just started there and love working in a creative environment with people who are passionate about what they do. My 5-year plan would be to eventually work with an international, traveling, performing arts company. 10 year plan is to own my own company : )

The six things she could never do without

-Living near a body of water
-Contagious Laughter

Now, isn’t she just a Catch? We certainly think so. 

Emilie Kershaw, creative, authentic, avocado-eating Biennial Project Fan, here’s to you!

(Thanks again to our super-genius webmaster Paul Kenneth Weiner for event pics!)