Biennial Project Fan of the Month July 2010

Well this being famous thing just keeps getting better and better.  Last week The Biennial Project was on it's way to an important meeting with Sebastian Smee of the Boston Globe to discuss publicity for our upcoming show (opening Thursday August 5th, as if you needed any reminding!).  Anyway, as we were driving along in The Biennialmobile, a sparkling silver truck pulled alongside us, with the driver and his passenger waving and shouting.  For a moment we wondered who we had cut off this time, or more likely the Damn Paparazzi found us picking our noses again, until we realized that they were smiling and pointing at our Biennial Project Logos. We decided to risk rolling down the window a bit, at which point the (yes really attractive) couple yelled "The Biennial Project!  You're great!  We love you guys!".  Unsolicited accolades from great-looking people on the on ramp to 93 south!  Surely life just does not get much better than this! Wanting to give back to our public, we yelled at them "Join our Fan Club", to which they naturally replied "We already have!".  Being artists, we thought to snap a photo and get their contact info.   


So that's how smoking hot Fernando De Oliviera, excellent artist, truck-driving man, Biennial Project Fan, came to be this month's Biennial Project Fan of the Month!  Here's to you Fernando!!!
Check out his work at

The Highlight of the 2010 Summer Art Season





New Works Documenting the Journeys of

The Biennial Project

Opening Reception:  August 5, 6-9 pm:  80 Border Street, East Boston


East Boston, MA, USA August, 2010—From August 5 to August 28, 2010, Atlantic Works Gallery presents  GREETINGS from BIENNIALAND:  New Works Documenting the Journeys of  The Biennial Project.

The last year and a half has been just an amazing time for The Biennial Project!  From Baja to Montreal  to Venice (yup, the one in Italy) to New York to Worcester  the globe-trotting merry band of fun-loving artists have participated  in some of the world’s most celebrated art extravaganzas...and in so doing, hobnobbed with some pretty special (read famous) folks.  There were so many memorable moments!

One very special highlight no doubt was a personal private meeting in February with brand new BFF, Gary Carrion-Muyayari, curator of the world-reknowned 2010 Whitney Biennial held at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art.  Oh the excitement!!  And the photo opp!!

Another Truly Amazing Moment was hosting the Closing Ceremony at the uber-prestigious 2009 Venice Biennale.  Artists and patrons mingling and yes, singing together as afternoon faded to dusk along Venice’s famed Grand Canal.  Ah, Venice….

As The Biennial Project’s popularity and international presence continues to skyrocket, it is hard to recall at times the group’s humble origins—born in a dilapidated and nearly abandoned warehouse less than three years ago in East Boston.  Yet with their bold “It’s About Us” mantra and unflinching pursuit of Art World Fame and Recognition,   “The Project”  has scratched and clawed  (in true diva style) its way to the top of the Art World Heap……and thankfully they have the photos and videos and charts and maps to prove it!                 

The public is invited to attend the OPENING RECEPTION  on Thursday, August 5 from 6 to 9pm and to visit the gallery during the following hours:  Fridays 2 – 6pm and Saturdays 2 – 6pm.  The public is also invited to attend the Atlantic Works Gallery’s monthly THIRD THURSDAY SHINDIG on Thursday, August 19 from 6 to 9pm.

To schedule a private press viewing and interview at a more convenient time, please contact Laura Rollins, 617.877.8249.

Begun in 2003, ATLANTIC WORKS GALLERY, “East Boston’s Collaborative Space for Art and Ideas,” is a member-operated gallery located on the top floor of 80 Border Street on the waterfront of East Boston.   It is T-accessible (near the Maverick T stop on the Blue Line) and parking space is usually ample.  For detailed directions and other information about members and past and future shows, please see