What MUST be accomplished in 2013 for the world to live as one





1.  Organize logistics for The Biennial Project Assault on Venice 2013 Tour with Stunning Germanic Precision.

2.  Publish our limited edition Venice Biennale 2013 Artist Trading Cards earlier than last time and give the art public the chance to snap them up.

3.  Get our press credentials in order so that we can see the show early and hang out with other important art world figures.

4.  Redouble our dedication to The Patented Biennial Project Less Of Us Program so as to lose at least 30 lbs between now and Venice to maximize our photogenic capabilities during the trip.

5.  Fly over the pond to Venice with a minimum of fuss, arriving at our Fabulous Vacation Villa Palazzo Angeli rested and ready to take the city by storm.

6.  Organize The Live Biennial Project Video Feed from Palazzo Angeli that eluded us last time.

7.  Have a fantastic time, soak up art, hang with friends.

8.  Get out on the streets (and canals) - meeting cool artists and movers and shakers while furthering international name recognition of The Biennial Project Brand.

9.  Organize the best Venice Biennale Art Exhibit And Party ever:

The Palazzo Angeli Biennale 2013.


10. Clean up afterwards.

11. Produce lively and ever more technically sophisticated video work/photography/writing on a variety of subjects including but not limited to: us/our friends/people we meet/art we like/art we don't like/parties, parties, parties/whatever Important Themes the Biennialist folk are discussing this time/anything involving nudity or questionable taste/butt running/Justin Getting Arrested/etc.

12. Get back to states without losing above video/photography/writing.

13. Spend rest of summer editing and publishing and following up on new contacts and projects. Do some of this from Maine. Use summer as a verb whenever possible.


OK, there you have it.

Let's get this party started!




The Biennial Project



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